20 Rebel Andor Quotes |

20 Rebel Andor Quotes |
20 Rebel Andor Quotes |

Revisit some of the best lines from the Disney+ Original series.

An abundance of memorable lines filled the acclaimed first season of Andor, now streaming on Disney+. From simple chants like “a way out” to lengthy explorations of freedom and oppression from a dreamer-turned-rebel, all the statements on this list capture the rebellious spirit of Andor. They are also thought-provoking and highly quotable.

Visit again Andor and remember your new favorite Star Wars quote with the list below!

Spoiler Warning: This article contains major spoilers for Andor Season 1.

1. “I don’t need any surprises.” – Cassian Andor

Oh, Cassian, the surprises have only just begun. The future rebel has scraped by from day to day, barely flying under the radar. Little does Cassian know that his life is about to take a dramatic turn that will put him squarely in the sights of the Empire. (“Cashier”, episode 1)

2. “Corporate Tactical Forces are the empire’s first line of defense, and the best way to keep your blade sharp is to use it.” — Sergeant Mosk

While it may be a bit of a mixed metaphor, the sentiment behind Mosk’s words is chilling. The casual threat to use force or violence against anyone who gets in the way of authority proves that the Empire’s strict methods have been accepted across much of the galaxy. (“That Would Be Me”, Episode 2)

3. “You just walk in like you belong.” – Cassian Andor

Time and time again, the Empire’s belief that the Rebels are not a threat proves to be its undoing. Cassian exploits that weakness. Whether it’s retrieving an N-S9 Starpath device to sell for some credits or stealing the plans for the Death Star, Cassian knows there’s a strategy that works. (“Reckoning”, episode 3)

4. “This is what an accounting sounds like.” — Maarva Andor

The clearance ringing out over Ferrix is ​​more than a distraction. It is an announcement that the people of Ferrix are united and looking out for each other despite the Empire’s tight grip or anyone else who would threaten them. Maarva has a feeling that the battle is just beginning. (“Reckoning”, episode 3)

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5. “Does everything have to be boring and sad?” – Perrin Fertha

Mon Mothma and her husband Perrin could not be more different. While Perrin whines about the guest list for their next big dinner party, Mon carries the weight of planets on her shoulders. The two Chandrilans may live under the same roof, but their worlds are a galaxy apart. (“Aldhani”, episode 4)

6. “You might as well wear a sign that says, ‘I promise to disappoint you.'” — Eedy Karn

Everything you need to know about Syril’s mother is encapsulated in this one prickly barb. (“The Ax Forgets”, episode 5)

7. “The pace of oppression is outpacing our ability to comprehend it.” — Karis Nemik

Nemik is a true believer in the rebellion against the Empire. A thoughtful soul, Nemik is willing to share his extensive thoughts on freedom and revolution to just about anyone who will listen. Cassian may not realize it, but he’s taking his first steps toward rebellion thanks to Nemik’s heartfelt speech. (“The Ax Forgets”, episode 5)

8. “Oh, I’m a rebel. It’s just me against everyone else.” — Arvel Skeen

After narrowly escaping Aldhani in one piece, Skeen shows his true colors when he offers Cassian a chance to take the money and run. Unlike Nemik or Vel, Skeen wasn’t in it for lofty dreams of rebellion or freedom; he just wants money. We may never know how much of his story was the truth. (“The Eye”, episode 6)

9. “I have learned from Palpatine. I show you the stone in my hand, you miss the knife at your throat.” — Mon Mothma

If there’s anyone who knows how to play the long game, it’s Sheev Palpatine. Mon Mothma reveals that she has taken a page out of the Emperor’s book by hiding her true nature from the galaxy. The future leader of the rebellion is hiding in plain sight – but how long can she keep up the ruse? (“Announcement”, episode 7)

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10. “It’s just love. Nothing you can do about it.” — Maarva Andor

When Cassian tells Maarva that he will always worry about her, she can’t help but give him a tearful smile. It’s a feeling parents know all too well. (“Announcement”, episode 7)

11. “Wait, I’m just a tourist!” – Cassian Andor

Cassian is a nimble thief, but even he cannot hide his surprise at the injustice of his swift arrest on Niamos. All he can do is shout “Wait, I’m just a tourist!” in disbelief. (“Announcement”, episode 7)

12. “Can one ever be too aggressive to maintain order?” — Cyril Karn

If a single quote could sum up Syril Karn and what drives him, this would be it. (“Narkina 5,” episode 8)

13. “The very worst thing you can do right now is bore me.” —Dedra Meero

Dedra’s cruel nature comes to the fore when she interrogates Bix Calleen. Dedra is a ruthless Imperial officer through and through. She proves that she is willing to do anything to get the information she wants – with no regrets. (“Nobody’s Listening!” Episode 9)

14. “Do you think they care what we say? No one is listening. None.” – Cassian Andor

Cassian has been paying attention since the moment he arrived at the Narkina 5 prison facility. The same cannot be said for the guards, as Cassian’s cries demonstrate. Understaffed and completely unconcerned with the well-being of the prisoners, the guards do not bother to follow anything other than quotas. (“Nobody’s Listening!” Episode 9)

15. “Never more than 12.” — Kino Loy

He’s in. After repeatedly brushing off Cassian and his attempts to devise an escape, Kino Loy has realized the truth. He and the other prisoners never get out of the facility. He has also kept his eyes and ears open, and Cassian needs his help for the plan to be a success. (“Nobody’s Listening!” Episode 9)

16. “I’d rather die trying to take them down than die giving them what they want.” – Cassian Andor

This remarkable line of dialogue foreshadows the fate of Cassian in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It also has an obvious effect on Kino Loy, as Cassian’s passionate words so often do on those around him. (“One Way Out”, episode 10)

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17. “There’s only one way out.” — Kino Loy

The only way out is rebellion – not just for the prisoners of Narkina 5, but for Mon Mothma, Luthen Rael and the entire galaxy held under the Emperor’s thumb. (“One Way Out”, episode 10)

18. “I burn my life to make a sunrise that I know I’ll never see.” — Luthen Rael

Luthen Rael lays it all out for his inner man as well as the audience, and we sit breathless. Luthen never allows himself the luxury of deceiving himself about the unpleasant work he does or the people he hurts. He is willing to sacrifice himself and any chance of happiness for the good of the galaxy. Luthen is a rebel through and through. (“One Way Out”, episode 10)

19. “I can’t swim.” — Kino Loy

Heartbreak in just three words. Kino always knew what awaited him at the end of his escape, but fought for his fellow prisoners anyway. Before Cassian even has a chance to formulate a new plan to get Kino safely out of the prison facility, he is knocked into the water below. (“One Way Out”, episode 10)

Maarva tells everyone

20. “Fight the Empire!” — Maarva Andor

Maarva risked staying on Ferrix despite the Empire’s presence to share her last words with the community she loved. With her last act, she inspires revolution. Maarva’s message may be broadcast to the crowd at her funeral, but it feels like her call for rebellion is directed directly at her son Cassian. And he hears her. (“Rix Road”, episode 12)