3 WandaVision characters confirmed to return for upcoming MCU shows

3 WandaVision characters confirmed to return for upcoming MCU shows
3 WandaVision characters confirmed to return for upcoming MCU shows

A trio of stars from WandaVision are ready for a comeback in the Disney+ MCU spin-off, Agatha: Coven of Chaos.

Kathryn Hahn has been confirmed to reprise her role as nosy neighbor-turned-powerful witch Agatha Harkness in her own solo series after her run as the main villain of WandaVision in 2021. The series will follow her adventures after being trapped in the town of Westview in episode 9, and Hahn will bring an incredible cast into the MCU to tell the new story.

So far, nearly a dozen actors are expected to appear in the series as Marvel begins filming for this highly anticipated Disney+ spin-off. This includes a number of high-profile new players making their MCU debut, including The white lotus‘ Aubrey Plaza, comedy icon Eric André, and Cardiac arresteris Joe Locke.

And now, on top of the new faces, a couple of key returning faces from WandaVision has also been called back for another round of Marvel mayhem.

WandaVision Stars Confirmed for Agatha Spin-Off

Mrs. Hart in WandaVision

Deadline confirmed that Debra Jo Rupp will return to the MCU by Agatha: Coven of Chaos after first debut in a supporting role in WandaVision.

Rupp will presumably reprise her role as Mrs. Hart, marking the third WandaVision character set to display in Agatha after titular star Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Harkness and supporting actress Emma Caulfield Ford’s Dottie.

WandaVision’s impact on the Agatha Solo series

It’s no surprise to see that Coven of Chaos binds itself so heavily to WandaVision, which will pick up right where its predecessor left off with its predecessor’s big bad. But it’s certainly surprising to see how strongly these two entries will tie back into each other with actresses like Emma Caulfield Ford and Debra Jo Rupp both returning to the fold.

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The report did not indicate whether the two would reprise their roles from WandaVision, nor was it said how many episodes they would both be in after scattered appearances in the original show’s nine episodes. But with Coven of Chaos also coming in on the same episode count, hopefully they’ll have more opportunity to grow as characters alongside Agatha Harkness after being put under Wanda Maximoff’s control.

It’s unclear how involved they’ll be in the story once Agatha returns to power, but they’ll certainly be important pieces to watch out for as more details emerge about the witch’s epic comeback.

Agatha: Coven of Chaos has begun filming, although it is still unknown if the series’ winter 2023/2024 release date will be delayed.