Daredevil Star Reveals 1 Wild Villain He Wants In Disney+ Reboot

Daredevil Star Reveals 1 Wild Villain He Wants In Disney+ Reboot
Daredevil Star Reveals 1 Wild Villain He Wants In Disney+ Reboot

Daredevil: Born Again star Charlie Cox teased one of the more ridiculous villains he wants to see used in his upcoming MCU series on Disney+.

Many assume that Cox’s Daredevil series will be one of the MCU’s more serious stories coming to Disney+ after his Netflix original show used a darker, more grounded tone throughout. His main fight is expected to be against Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, with Wilson Fisk returning after taking a bullet to the face in Hawkeyeeven if it’s not just Fisk he goes toe to toe with.

Thanks to Cox’s performance in She-Hulk: Lawyerfans got to see Matt Murdock face an enemy much wilder in nature when he and Jennifer Walters took down the Leap-Frog in episode 8.

And if Cox has anything to say about it, it’ll just be the start of the wild villains his lawyer-turned-superhero battles.

Charlie Cox Requests Weird Daredevil Reboot Villain

Talking to Metro, Daredevil: Born Again star Charlie Cox discussed one of the more ridiculous villains he wants Daredevil to fight in his upcoming Disney+ series.

Cox specifically touched on Stilt-Man from Marvel Comics, describing him as “such a ridiculous scoundrel” and noting how fun it would be to watch again Daredevil could bring him in without taking away from the grounded nature of the show:

“Who I occasionally joke with – but I probably shouldn’t, because I don’t envision a world where it’s actually realistic for him to appear on our show – but I’ve always thought it would be funny if Stilt- One appeared. It’s such a ridiculous superhero, such a ridiculous villain that I just think it would be fun if we found a way to do that without massively undermining our credibility as an authentically truthful superhero show.”

Stilt-Man, Daredevil
Marvel comics

Stilt-Man was previously included as an Easter egg from Netflix Daredevil series, when a pair of long metal legs were shown in the back of Melvin Potter’s workshop:

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Daredevil, Stilt-Man
Marvel TV

She-Hulk: Lawyer writer Zeb Wells also addressed Stilt-Man during an interview with at New York Comic-Con, noting that the villain was considered to be part of Emil Blonsky’s retreat in episode 7:

“Yeah, sure. We went through a lot of them. I think Stilt-Man was probably thrown in there at some point.”

How weird will daredevil villains get?

Daredevil’s time in She-Hulk showed how weird Marvel villains in his universe can get, especially seeing him go up against Leap-Frog. But it also showed that he can fit seamlessly into a story with larger-than-life antagonists while retaining some of the same basic tone he’s best known for.

Whether Stilt-Man actually appears in Daredevil: Born Again is a mystery, although he is on the table for She-Hulk certainly opens the door to a potential inclusion in 2024. This would also put Matt Murdock up against something completely different than anything he saw in the Netflix shows, where Matt fought Madame Gao, The Hand, and Bullseye outside of his duels with the Kingpin.

With an 18-episode run for Born Again’his first season on Disney+, Cox will hopefully get to fully embrace the wild side of Daredevil’s comic book history on top of the darker, more real villains he’s already seen in the past.

Daredevil: Born Again will begin filming in February 2023 before a spring 2024 release on Disney+.