Disney+: Fermanagh author’s new series ‘Extraordinary’ launches soon

Disney+: Fermanagh author’s new series ‘Extraordinary’ launches soon
Disney+: Fermanagh author’s new series ‘Extraordinary’ launches soon

A new Disney+ UK original comedy series written by a Fermanagh native is set to launch on the streaming service at the end of January.

Written by Killadeas woman Emma Moran, who has been described as a standout debut writer with a “completely distinctive voice”, the series “Extraordinary” (Cert 17+) will be available to watch on Disney+ from January 25, with all eight episodes falls on the day.

‘Extraordinary’ is set in a world where everyone develops a power on their 18th birthday – everyone, that is, except Jen.

She turns 25 and is still waiting to get her superpower. She’s not even fussy about what it might be: super speed? Laser eyes? The ability to plug in a USB cord correctly every single time? She takes it.

Like a caterpillar surrounded by butterflies, Jen feels unable to move forward, stuck in a dead-end job at a party store and occasionally hooking up with Luke, a flaky young man with the annoyingly cool ability to fly.

Luckily, Jen has Carrie to stop her from wallowing in her own self-pity. Inseparable since school, their relationship cycles between sister, parent and wingman.

Together, they share a flat in East London with Carrie’s long-term boyfriend, Kash. Carrie has the power to channel the dead, but feels she’s been overshadowed by her own party trick: does anyone care what she has to say?

Kash takes his power—the ability to turn back time—very seriously, but he’s not above using it to undo minor embarrassments, or moments when he says exactly the wrong thing to long-suffering Carrie.

The fourth member of the apartment is a stray cat who carries a surprising secret – it turns out that even cats have more power than Jen.

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Drifting in a big, confusing world and armed with nothing but a little hope and a lot of desperation, Jen begins her journey to find her maybe-superpower. But when she does, she may discover the joy of being pretty good…

‘Extraordinary’ is led by a cast of rising British talent including Máiréad Tyers (Jen), Sofia Oxenham (Carrie), Bilal Hasna (Kash), with additional cast members including Siobhan McSweeney (Jen’s mum, Mary) and Robbie Gee (Jen’s stepdad, Ian), among others.

Written by Emma and directed by Toby McDonald (‘Ragdoll’), Jennifer Sheridan (‘Rules of the Game’) and Nadira Amrani (‘On the Edge’), this is a fresh, innovative comedy about being young and finding your feet . in a confusing world, when all you ever want to be is “ordinary”.

‘Extraordinary’ is executive produced by Sally Woodward Gentle, Lee Morris and Charles Dawson for Sid Gentle Films – the BAFTA, Golden Globe, Emmy and Peabody Award-winning production company behind ‘Killing Eve’.

The series is produced by Charlie Palmer and executive produced by Johanna Devereaux, Vice President, Scripted Content, for Disney+.