From a certain point of view: Who is the MVP of The Bad Batch?

From a certain point of view: Who is the MVP of The Bad Batch?
From a certain point of view: Who is the MVP of The Bad Batch?

To celebrate the arrival of season 2 of the Star Wars: The Bad Batchtwo writers go head-to-head to defend their favorite member of Clone Force 99.

One of the great things about Star Wars is that it inspires endless debates and opinions on a wide range of topics. Best bounty hunter? Most powerful Jedi? Does Salacious Crumb have the saga’s best haircut? In that spirit, presents From a Certain Point of View: a series of point-counterpoints on some of the biggest—and funniest—Star Wars issues. With the launch of Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2, now streaming on Disney+, two writers have joined forces to discuss which of the motley crew is the most valuable member of the team.

Wrecker is the best member of Clone Force 99, says Amy.

A loyal friend with a noble heart, a deep passion for both using explosives and cuddling a takea doll… these elements and more make Wrecker the best member of Clone Force 99. Wrecker’s genetic mutations give him extraordinary strength, something which means he can muscle his way out of any situation. Not even a downed gunship can stop the Wrecker from saving the day. Couple his penchant for hitting the enemy with his affinity for demolition and you’ve got quite a force in any fight.

But it’s not just Wrecker’s brute strength that makes him the best member of Clone Force 99; it is his heart.

All members of the group carry burdens from their past. Maybe it’s a particular battle that won’t stop haunting them. Or they may wonder if they made the right choice at a particular moment. It’s not often they seem to put their roles as soldiers aside – except for Wrecker. He is a big, clumsy boy. Wrecker can take down any threat, but he’s just as capable and finds joy in toying with Omega and sneaking away for a hard-earned Mantell Mix. Of the group, he connects with Omega the most on an emotional level.

Wrecker and crew show Omega her place

My heart melted into an infinite puddle as he made Omega his own place on it Marauders. The thoughtfulness! If Star Wars if the universe had Pinterest, this hook would have its own board. Wrecker placed his beloved Takea doll, Lula, in the room as well. That’s just one example of how he went out of his way to make Omega feel at home with the group. Realizing what Omega needed, Wrecker went full on big brother as the other members of the team kept her at arm’s length and argued about the dangers of having a child around.

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With The Bad Batch Being, in a small part, a story about this group of misfits watching over a child who is also a misfit, it is important for someone to see her. Wrecker does it.

There’s only one MVP in Clone Force 99, and that’s Omega, says Dan.

We all love Wrecker, but it’s Omega, the genetically unmodified but enhanced clone of bounty hunter Jango Fett, who is truly an invaluable member of the elite squad. Omega’s empathy, compassion, resourcefulness and intelligence work together to make her the glue that binds the unorthodox team together.

Omega’s empathy allows her to connect with each member on an individual level and reach them in ways the others cannot. Take Crosshair, for example, who left the squad in Season 1. Exceptional when it comes to shooting, he’s not exactly someone to get along with. Even when he insults Omega, she still shows him mercy and tries to understand things from his perspective. He may not have helped Clone Force 99 at the end of Season 1 on Kamino without Omega’s empathy.

Likewise, Omega’s compassion stands out among the Bad Batch. On a mission to Ryloth, Omega befriends Hera Syndulla, whose parents were taken by the Empire. Hunter is adamant that Clone Force 99 cannot help everyone, but Omega steadfastly defends her point of view in the situation. She cares about people and puts others first. In many ways, she is the heart of Bad Batch.

Fleeing the planet Daro to save the clone Gregor, Omega flies Marauders away from a series of V-wings, showing her ingenuity even when her shields fail. This could have been certain death for the crew, but Omega thinks quickly and plugs the trusty Gonk droid (aptly named “Gonky”) into the ship. Fortunately for them all, Omega had been playing tricks on Gonky for some time and this, combined with her ability to think on her feet, saved their lives.

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And even when she’s not on a mission, Omega is always looking out for the squad. At the Dejarik table, she proves how gifted she is at strategy and goes on to win several big-stakes games for Cid. Her intelligence and savvy earns her enough money to pay off Bad Batch’s debts, earning Hunter’s reluctant approval.

Each member of Clone Force 99 is valuable in their own way, but it is Omega whose qualities most often work to unite the team. She makes them greater than the sum of their parts and is the definitive MVP of Clone Force 99.

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