Marvel Promotes 9 Best Disney+ Episodes From 2022 MCU Shows

Marvel Promotes 9 Best Disney+ Episodes From 2022 MCU Shows
Marvel Promotes 9 Best Disney+ Episodes From 2022 MCU Shows

As part of the New Year’s celebration, Marvel Entertainment revealed a collection of the MCU’s best streaming from 2022.

With 2023 finally here, Marvel Studios is about to embark on its third full year of producing streaming Disney+ content alongside its regular theatrical releases.

Over the past twelve months, fans have been adventuring through ancient Egypt with Moon Knightwent back to high school with Mrs. Marveltook to the courtroom with She-Hulkand got a dose of new short-form MCU content in a couple of MCU special presentations (Werewolf at night and The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special).

And in honor of the calendar turning, the staff at Marvel Entertainment released their picks for the nine best MCU Disney+ shows from the past year.

MCU’s best streaming from 2022

Marvel Entertainment rang in the New Year by posting a collection of favorite MCU Disney+ episodes from 2022. The list includes nine episodes from across Marvel Studios’ three streaming series from last year, Moon Knight, Mrs. Marveland She-Hulk Lawyer.

Moon Knight – Episode 1, “The Goldfish Problem”

Moon Knight Ep 1
Marvel Studios

The first entry on the list was Marvel Studios’ first new content of 2022. “The Goldfish Problem” was, and still is, a fantastic debut for Moon Knight. The series premiere kicked off in electric fashion, giving audiences just a taste of the adventure into the bizarre to come.

Whether it was the Christopher Nolan-esque cuts, the introduction of Ethan Hawke’s villain Arthur Harrow, or seeing Isaac’s Marc Spector/Steven Grant suit up as Moon Knight for the first time, this debut did a great job introducing audiences to the world of Moon Knight while setting up the mystery of Steven’s personality.

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Moon Knight – Episode 5, “Asylum”

Moon Knight Ep 5
Marvel Studios

After a few episodes of building the world and answering a few questions, Moon Knightits fifth entry offered one of the biggest twists in the entire series. After the previous episode ended with what appeared to be the death of Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant/Marc Spector, the pair woke up in some sort of psychiatric hospital.

From there, the duo embark on a journey through the afterlife with the Egyptian god Taweret. As noted by Brian Marquez, Associate Manager, Product Development – Marvel Games, this entire episode was “amazingly well played by Oscar Isaac,” when his conflicted hero finally took hold of his dual personalities.

Moon Knight – Episode 6, “Gods and Monsters”

Moon Knight Ep 6
Marvel Studios

The last one Moon Knight episode to make the best of the 2022 list’s finale, “Gods and Monsters.” This final installment saw everything come to a head, as Marc/Steven took on Arthur Harrow, as the series antagonist attempted to free Ammit.

“Gods and Monsters” came with a whole host of surprises. Not only did Isaac’s mysterious hero save the day, but May Calamawy’s Layla took on the mantle of the Scarlet Scarab, becoming a Marvel hero of her own. Combine that with the creepy post-credits scene and the reveal of Jake Lockley, a third personality for the titular hero, and that’s what makes this finale one of 2022’s best.

Mrs. Marvel – Episode 1, “Generation Why”

Ms Marvel Ep 1
Marvel Studios

“Iman Vellani is the perfect Kamala Khan” (Active Manager of Content Distribution at Marvel, Haley Conatser), and Mrs. Marvelits debut episode, “Generation Why” made that immediately clear. This was not just the unveiling of Kamala Khan in live action, but Iman Vellani as a mainstream actress.

Vellani was charismatic and lovable from the beginning. From there, Mrs. MarvelThe premiere was a stylish and exuberant introduction to one of the most heartfelt Marvel Studios projects to date. As a superhero superfan, Kamala Khan realized she had powers, “Generation Why” set the stage for what would become a joyous MCU adventure.

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She-Hulk – Episode 4, “Is This Not Real Magic?”

She Hulk Ep 4
Marvel Studios

There were many funny episodes of She-Hulk: Lawyerbut episode 4 (aka “Is This Not Real Magic?”) might be the comedic pinnacle of season 1. This installment of the super-powered legal comedy saw Tatiana Maslany’s Jen Walters in a courtroom battle against Donny Blaze, a magician expelled from Kamar- Taj for unethical use of Mystic Arts and now works as a stage performer.

Through She-Hulk Episode 4, the entire cast the audience had become accustomed to so far shined. But what was the highlight for many were the fireworks known as Madisynn, the poor audience being transported to a horrific hellish dimension by Donny Blaze. Madisynn didn’t return after episode 4, but she made quite the impression as one of the highlights of TV viewing in 2022.

She-Hulk – Episode 6, “Just Jen”

She Hulk Ep 6
Marvel Studios

Sure, someone can call She-Hulk Episode 6 a filler episode, but it was a filler episode that played on the idea of ​​filler episodes. “Just Jen” saw the titular Jennifer Walters continue to battle with her new alter-ego, She-Hulk.

This was an episode “which focused more on Jen than on She-Hulk,” shows “Jen’s relatability, especially in her desire to be accepted for who she is.” In a series that was all about identity, “Just Jen” was a wonderful showcase for coming to grips with one’s true self versus one’s “best” self.

She-Hulk – Episode 7, “The Retreat”

She Hulk Ep 7
Marvel Studios

She-Hulk Episode 7 makes the list for its amazing character moments. After apparently meeting someone who likes Jen as Jen (and not her green alter-ego), and then being ghosted after a night together, Tatiana Maslany visits Marvel hero Emil Blonsky at a spiritual retreat.

It is at this remote meeting that Jen is met by a number of D-list Marvel villains who all share their experiences in an effort to improve. While Jen believes she’s only there to watch over her client, Blonsky, she realizes a little more about herself, deciding to no longer use She-Hulk as a protective shield and embracing both sides of her identity.

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She-Hulk – Episode 8, “Ribbit and Rip It”

She Hulk Ep 8
Marvel Studios

In “Ribbit and Rip It,” fans finally got what had been teased for months before She-Hulkhis debut, Charlie Cox as Daredevil. The actor’s return alone warrants a spot on a list like this, but as it turns out She-Hulk Episode 8 was also excellent.

Seeing Cox suit up again as Marvel’s Man Without Fear was a delight, and his “Chemistry [with Jen/She-Hulk] was off the map.” The combination of Cox’s return, some killer action scenes, fantastic light-hearted comedy, and even a healthy dose of romance made “Ribbit and Rip It” one of the MCU’s best of 2022.

She-Hulk – Episode 9, “Whose Show Is This?”

She-Hulk Marvel Studios headquarters
Marvel Studios

Of course, no ‘Best of Disney+’ list would be complete without it She-Hulk episode that literally broke Disney+. Fans knew that Jennifer Walters’ MCU debut was going to be a fourth wall-breaking, meta affair, but no one could have predicted what would happen in the series’ Season 1 finale, “Whose Show Is This?”

After seeing what turned out to be a final battle against a hollowed out Todd, Jen turns to come and says: “No thanks,” before you literally open up Disney’s streaming service and venture out into the real world. It was 35 minutes of impressively meta-comedy, with jabs at Marvel Studios, She-Hulk the writing team, the X-Men, and even Kevin Feige himself. She-Hulk Episode 8 stepped up to one ever thought possible and set up some fun nuggets for Hulk franchise going forward.

All of these episodes are available to stream on Disney+.