Skeleton Crew” Filming of the Disney+ series is still underway – What’s happening on Disney Plus

Skeleton Crew” Filming of the Disney+ series is still underway – What’s happening on Disney Plus
Skeleton Crew” Filming of the Disney+ series is still underway – What’s happening on Disney Plus

During last year’s Star Wars Celebration event, Lucasfilm revealed that it was developing a brand new live-action series for Disney+ called “Skeleton Crew” starring Jude Law, created by Jon Watts and Christopher Ford, along with Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni .

This project follows “a group of kids…who accidentally get lost in the Star Wars galaxy…and their journey trying to find their way home.” The series is set within the same time period as “The Mandalorian” and “Ahsoka”. The series will also be produced by Kathleen Kennedy and Michelle Rejwan. At the D23 Expo, the creators and Jude Law took to the stage to talk about the series, which they started filming this summer.

Last year it was also revealed that the “Skeleton Crew” series was going to be one of the most expensive shows ever made, as it had been awarded $20.9 million in tax incentives for shooting in California. Filming was originally supposed to be completed by the end of 2022.

However, it appears that the series has suffered from delays during filming, as according to the Bespin Bulletin, filming of the show is now expected to end in March 2023.

Sources tell me that Skeleton Crew started filming a little later than planned … the original plan was to wrap filming by the end of this year. Since then things have changed and the series is now aiming to end by March. I haven’t heard a hard date, and it’s entirely possible that filming could resume in March if the behind-the-scenes issues continue, but for now, I’ve heard that the series wants to wrap up filming by March.

Originally, the show was scheduled to be released on Disney+ in 2023, but this delay could potentially lead to a delay in release, especially as Star Wars shows require a lot of post-production, with special effects and more.

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There have been reports from MakingStarWars that there have been some problems during the production of the show, due to a grueling work schedule, which has caused low morale among the crew, resulting in them apparently feeling underappreciated, overworked, disrespected and disposable. So it is possible, these issues may have affected the delay in production.

Over the holidays, Disney released a “2023” teaser trailer, highlighting some of the shows and movies coming to Disney+ this year, but “Skeleton Crew” was not shown. However, a few seconds of footage of Jude Law on the show was shown in another TV spot, which was leaked to the internet, which was not officially released online. While we don’t know why this footage wasn’t included in the official 2023 teaser trailer, Disney also didn’t show any other shows previously announced for 2023, perhaps not wanting to have similar issues as when it included footage of “Lizzie McGuire” revival in a 2020 teaser video, which was canceled shortly after.

Hopefully we’ll get some updates on the “Skeleton Crew” soon, especially with Star Wars Celebration taking place in London in April!

Are you excited for this brand new Star Wars series?

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