Star Wars: The Bad Batch Recon to get you ready for Season 2

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Recon to get you ready for Season 2
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Recon to get you ready for Season 2

Get to know Clone Force 99 before they return.

Our favorite clones are back for a whole new season of adventure Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, Echo and Omega continue to cross paths with old friends and potential new allies. Will there ever be a place in the new Empire for these indomitable veterans of the Clone Wars?

The Bad Batch returns to Disney+ for new episodes on January 4, 2023. Let’s get to know the team and where they’ve been before the season kicks off.

Spoiler alert: The following article contains story details and plot points from Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 1.

Who is the bad group?

Clone Force 99, aka Bad Batch, was created on Kamino as an experimental unit of soldiers. Each member was genetically manipulated and enhanced to nurture a specific set of skills. Hunter is the leader of the group, cool under pressure and even cooler with his signature red ribbon. Technology is the computer that specializes in science, technology and talking. A lot. Wrecker is the muscle of the team and avid admirer of everything that goes wrong. Crosshair is an impeccable shooter, cold and unyielding.

Echo was not an original member of the Bad Batch; the former ARC soldier joined the group during the Clone Wars. After the Separatists altered him with cybernetic implants to access Republic information, he put his droid modifications to good use to support the unique team.

Omega is the newest member of the team, although she is technically the oldest. As Nala Se’s assistant, she even witnessed the brothers’ creation. Omega is unique among her brethren not only because her aging progresses naturally – she is also a rare unaltered clone of Jango Fett.

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Before the dark times

During the Clone Wars, Hunter, Tech, Wrecker and Crosshair were practically inseparable. Known for his perfect mission success rate and erratic methods, the self-styled Bad Batch didn’t fit in with the other clones. It suited them well. When Captain Rex asked them to help find and rescue an old friend, Echo, Rex was impressed by their efficiency. He couldn’t help but be intimidated by their unique personalities, but he had to admit they knew how to get the job done.

Along with Captain Rex and Anakin Skywalker, Bad Batch rescued Echo from the Separatists. Echo found a new home on Kamino with the group, but their stay would not last long as the Clone Wars came to a surprising end.

Due to their mutations and modifications, the Bad Batch were not compelled by the effects of the inhibitor chip as strongly as the other clone troopers. They did not carry out Order 66 and later refused to take out Saw Gerrera and the refugees he was protecting. The Bad Batch instead chose to rescue Omega from the facility on Kamino and escape. However, Crosshair decided to stay behind – with the Empire.

Where are they when season 2 begins?

In the early days of the Empire, the closest thing Clone Force 99 had to a home was Cid’s Parlor on Ord Mantell. They were hired by the cruel owner of the saloon for various jobs around the galaxy. Crosshair pursued his brothers while Omega found the attention of bounty hunters such as Fennec Shand and Cad Bane.

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After a mission gone wrong, Hunter was captured by the Empire and brought back to Kamino, where it was finally time for a confrontation with Crosshair. The rest of the Bad Batch returned to their birthplace to rescue their leader, but it wouldn’t be easy. It was only because of Omega’s inside knowledge of Nala Se’s secret laboratory that they were able to infiltrate the locked facility.

Meanwhile, the Sharpshooter offered Hunter and his brothers a place in the Empire, revealing that his inhibitor chip had been disabled and he chose his allegiance as an Imperial soldier. Suddenly, the Empire launched an attack on Tipoca City to destroy it once and for all. The Bad Batch barely escaped and worked with Crosshair to get everyone out in one piece. He once again decided to remain in the Empire, and Bad Batch and their former teammate parted ways with no animosity between them.

Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Echo and Omega continue their adventures in the galaxy far, far away months after witnessing the destruction of their home on Kamino. They work to stay out of the Empire’s watchful eye, running jobs and still searching for their place in this new normal. Find out more when Bad Batch returns in a two-episode premiere on January 4th!

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