Star Wars: The Bad Batch | Season 2

Star Wars: The Bad Batch |  Season 2
Star Wars: The Bad Batch |  Season 2

“The Bad Batch” is back with a brand new season of 16 more episodes, where we see the team deal with the implications of becoming a team of mercenaries, fighting against the Empire for the good of others and themselves.

Disney has delivered most of the new season in advance for me to review, except for the two-part finale, which won’t be on Disney+ until late March 2023.

The new season debuts with a two-parter, which gets us up to speed on where the team is currently, hiding away from the Empire, doing mercenary missions, which allows the show to have a little more fun and a less rigid format. The simplicity of having the majority of the episodes as a single story, with only a few subtle hints of future storylines, is what you would expect from an animated series. Having sixteen episodes, having a single story throughout, is just not going to work.

There are a number of different storylines involving heists, pod racing, rescue missions, treasure hunts and much more. So there is something for most people’s tastes, while hinting at the problems the Empire brings to the universe. As the lines between the Separatists and the Clone Wars-era Republic become much more blurred.

The animation style continues to be another great thing about this series, with some amazing locations that simply couldn’t be recreated in a live-action series without big bucks. And that’s what’s so great about the animated series like “The Bad Batch”. they continue to be able to expand the Star Wars universe in a way that live-action shows or movies cannot.

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As you might expect, there are a lot of little easter eggs scattered throughout the season, with some familiar characters popping in, giving the show a boost that most Star Wars fans would expect from a Dave Filoni show.

For fans of the first season of “The Bad Batch,” this series is just more of the same. There is some character development, especially with the gang who basically become fathers/brothers to Omega. However, just like with the first season, my biggest issue continues to be Omega, as the character is obviously there for younger viewers to connect with, but she’s just a little annoying, especially since she’s constantly rebelling against not only her brothers, but also the system. She is the only thing about this series that keeps this series from moving on to the next level.

“The Bad Batch” is a great animated series, it’s not perfect, but it helps to fill in the period between the prequel and classic trilogies. There’s really nothing about this series that impressed me, but I still enjoyed watching it. As with “Rebels” and “The Clone Wars”, it is important to remember that this is an animated series, designed mainly for younger audiences, but adult fans can also enjoy the stories. All of these Star Wars animated shows have some filler episodes, but collectively, over time and multiple episodes, they advance the Star Wars story in a positive way.

Overall, “The Bad Batch” season two is just more of the same, so fans of the series will enjoy it, Star Wars fans will love the little easter eggs and the subtle ongoing story throughout, but remember that it’s still a animated series at its core and keep expectations in check. I enjoyed the show and can’t wait to see where this season goes.

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Rating – 4 out of 5

The first two episodes of the second season of “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” are out on Disney+ today, and new episodes are released every Wednesday.

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