The Spectacular Spider-Man and 9 other superhero shows you didn’t know were on Disney+

The Spectacular Spider-Man and 9 other superhero shows you didn’t know were on Disney+
The Spectacular Spider-Man and 9 other superhero shows you didn’t know were on Disney+

With Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special now on Disney+, Marvel fans flock to the platform to watch beloved heroes like Groot, Star-Lord and Rocket wreak havoc around the world. The last time fans saw them, The Guardians were still trying to adjust to life without Gamora — and fans had hoped they’d be one step closer to finding her again when they voted on. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case, but it did lead to some very heartwarming and funny moments, including Mantis revealing she was Quill’s sister and Rocket finally getting Bucky’s cybernetic arm.

Of course, with fans looking through Disney+ for this one specific title, they may be missing out on some of the other amazing shows the streaming platform includes. There are many superhero shows on Disney+ that aired years ago that fans may have no idea are still available and entertaining.


The Spectacular Spider-Man

Spider-Man clings to the side of a building in The Spectacular Spider-Man.

A cartoon featuring Spider-Man and a whole host of other likable main characters, The Spectacular Spider-Man is an incredible show that really got to the essence of who Peter Parker was. Depicting both his struggles as a civilian and as a superhero, the balance Spectacular hit was perfect.

The show also featured some brilliant villains like Electro, Molten Man, and even featured an arc with the horrifying Venom. With simple and smooth animation, every fight scene is incredible. It also perfectly showcased Spider-Man’s sense of humor and quick wit.

Spider Woman

An image of the Spider-Woman title card in the TV show

Jessica Drew was the first Marvel woman to ever lead her own show Spider Woman – two years after the debut in the cartoon. Having aired in the late 1970s, the animation quality is not quite what fans expect today, but the lasting legacy of the show remains in the minds of fans.

While there are some things only comic book fans know about Spider-Woman, the show manages to serve as the perfect introduction for any potential fan. Spider-Woman may not be the most popular character, but she’s still interesting enough to run her own show, just like Peter can.

X-Men Evolution

The X-Men are united in X-Men: Evolution

While himself X men comics have moved away from the school environment lately, X-Men Evolution embraced it. With the majority of the X-Men being students and trainees, the show explores what it’s like to grow up with mutant powers in a world that hates and fears them.

Development has one of the best versions of the X-Men, as the team really comes into its own as the show progresses. Each character is true to form, and the settings and circumstances are varied enough to keep things interesting. Also, Wolverine’s costume is amazing.

Wolverine And The X-Men

A picture of Wolverine standing with the X-Men in the TV show

Being an X-Man has never been easy, though Wolverine and the X-Men take it to another level. With the world collapsing around them, as mutants are hunted by humans and sentinels, Wolverine must assemble a team long separated after the disappearance of Professor X and Jean Grey.

The show was brilliant and featured some cunning political plays and backstabbing. It included the best version of Wolverine as he tried to gather old friends while still trying to get over the loss of Jean and Charles. The show also included classic X-Men such as Rogue, Emma Frost and Kitty Pryde, who managed to steal several scenes by showing the true extent of their powers.

Ultimate Spider-Man

Nick Fury teams up with Spider-Man in Ultimate Spider-Man

After discovering that he could no longer work alone, Peter Parker realized that he had to work together with a team of SHIELD agents and recruits. With Nova, White Tiger and Iron Fist by their side, the four heroes desperately tried to prevent a series of episodic disasters.

(Warning: contains flashing lights)

While Ultimate Spider-Man has the web slinger in a leading role, he also acts as a mentor figure to his newfound friends. As they struggle to come to terms with their powers and their place in the world, they can look to Peter for help. It showed an often underrated aspect of Spider-Man: His desire to teach and help others through learning.

The Superhero Squad Show

A photo of the Superhero Squad standing together in their show

A show aimed at a much younger demographic than most other Marvel shows, The Superhero Squad Show presents Marvel’s heroes in a comical light and often does its best to parody them. The show has a simple animation style that can seem overly cartoony, but it works for the style of the show.

It is one of the best animated Marvel Comics shows as it can really entertain people of all ages. Fans of characters such as Reptil or Adam Warlock rarely get the chance to see them on screen, so the show offers a chance for fans of any Marvel hero to see their favorite in action.

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Groot messes with the Avengers in Avengers - Earth's Mightiest Heroes

More serious than The Superhero Squad Show, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was a strict adaptation of the cartoons. Ignoring MCU influences, outside of simple easter eggs, the show did its best to have a comic book-accurate team with comedic storylines.

(Warning: contains flashing lights)

The best episodes of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes featured brilliant villains, such as Kang the Conqueror, Ultron or the Skrulls. Fans of the MCU who want to learn more about these antagonists will do well to watch Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, as its view of them was extraordinary. Villains like Ultron were well fleshed out and given more motivation than the MCU provided.

Spider-Man Unlimited

An image of Venom standing behind Spider-Man

Another of Spider-Man’s many adaptations, Spider-Man Unlimited showed why the web slinger is so loved. Featuring some terrifying Spider-Man villains like Man-Wolf, Kraven the Hunter and Vulture, the show touched on everything fans could look for.

With a unique art style that relies on shadows and realistic backgrounds, the show feels grounded, and Peter’s costume feels a little more believable. The show is more plot-driven than most other Spider-Man stories, but it still captures the character concepts perfectly.

Fantastic four

A picture of the fantastic four standing together

While Marvel has tried to bring their first family to the screen before, it wasn’t until 1994 that they really pulled off a proper adaptation. Each episode adapted different issues from the comics and really helped bring beloved villains to life.

(Warning: contains flashing lights)

The Fantastic four rarely get the attention they deserve as flagship Marvel characters, so it’s always fun to get the chance to sit and watch their show. It could also help introduce MCU fans to some of the storylines that they might see when the family is ready to join the Avengers.

Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer stands on one hand in the TV show

While it might be hard to imagine an entire series based around a silver man on a surfboard, the Silver Surfer actually managed to carry a series of its own in Silver Surfer: The Animated Series. Characters such as the Watcher, Drax and Ego the Living Planet all appear throughout the series for the surfer to meet.

While the show has been forgotten over the years, it helped introduce many fans to the many different characters involved in the cosmic side of Marvel Comics. As the cosmic element of the MCU grows more intense as the years go by, it’s worth revisiting the show to learn more.

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