What’s coming to Disney+ this week

What’s coming to Disney+ this week
What’s coming to Disney+ this week

It’s the start of a brand new week and time to take a look at what’s coming to Disney+ in Australia and New Zealand this week, which includes the return of “Criminal Minds” and the finale of “Willow.”

Here is the overview:

Note: This list is subject to change

Monday 9 January 2023

Koala man

Koala Man” follows middle-aged dad Kevin and his titular not-so-secret identity, whose only superpower is a burning passion for following the rules and rooting out petty crime in the town of Dapto. Although it may seem like any other Australian suburb, forces of evil, both cosmic and man-made, lurking to pounce on unsuspecting Daptonians. On a quest to clean up his hometown, often calling his frustrated family into his adventures, Koala Man stands ready. He’ll do anything which is needed to defeat villainous masterminds, supernatural horrors or worse: old women who don’t take the bins down on the right days.

Wednesday 11 January 2023

Willow – Episode 8 – Finale

An all-new sequel series to George Lucas’ 1988 fantasy adventure “Willow.” Years after rescuing the infant empress Elora Danan, the wizard Nelwyn returns to lead a group of misfit heroes on a harrowing rescue mission through a world beyond fantasy.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Season 2 – Episode 203 “The Solitary Clone”

As the new season opens, months have passed since the events of Kamino, and the Bad Batch continues its journey navigating the Empire after the fall of the Republic. They will cross paths with friends and enemies, both new and familiar, as they take on a series of exciting mercenary missions that will take them to unexpected and dangerous new places.

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The menu

The film tells the story of Margot and Tyler, a young couple, who travel to an elite, remote coastal island to dine at an exclusive restaurant where a mysterious chef has prepared a sumptuous, expensive menu. But it soon becomes clear that the pretentious, spoiled dinner guests are about to be served some shocking surprises.

National Treasure – Edge Of History – Episode 6

Not knowing who’s good and who’s bad, Jess works with Billie and deciphers a century-old clue pointing to a famous 18th-century landmark, and together they plan an impossible heist during a historical re-enactment to retrieve it next part of the tax map. But things don’t go as planned, and Jess ends up facing the hardest decision of her life.

Chasing Waves

In the wake of surfing’s debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, “I WAVES” spotlights the people and places that define Japan’s reach in global surfing culture and examines the diverse regions, unique characters and endless surfing along the 18,000-plus miles of coastline that make Japan unique.

Shot with state-of-the-art 4K cameras and stunning 16mm archival footage, the character-driven documentary series follows athletes from diverse cultural backgrounds as they pursue their dreams, painting a captivating picture of Japanese life and showcasing what it takes to succeed in the international surfing industry.

Alaska Daily – Episode 3

Eileen, Roz and Sylvie travel to Meade to learn more about a suspect in Gloria’s case and connect with the local police chief, which turns out to be more challenging than expected. When Austin learns about a political candidate’s shady financial ties, Stanley must decide if they can publish with the newspaper’s owner after endorsing the candidate.

Gina Yei

Gina, a cheerful and creative girl, has a dream of writing songs. Thanks to her lyrical skills, she gets the chance of a lifetime when she wins a scholarship to the prestigious Caribbean Music Institute (CMI) on the island of Puerto Rico. It is the best place in the world to study Latin music and the birthplace of reggaeton.

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America’s National Parks: Season 1

National parks reveal the diversity, wonder and beauty of America, from the lush valley floors of Yosemite to the ever-erupting volcanoes of Hawaii.

Abbott Elementary – Season 2 – New Episode

Follows a group of teachers gathered at one of the worst public schools in the country, simply because they love to teach.

Big Bet – New episode

The legendary king of the casino in the Philippines confronts unfortunate events; after being embroiled in a murder case, he now faces the ultimate stake with his life on the line.

Between the World and Us – New episode

Ilkin worries that her boyfriend, a famous actor, is no longer in love with her; one day she decides to reach out to him from a fake social media account and almost creates a woman who can seduce her lover with her own hands.

Men on a Mission – New episode

Male comedians play high school students, taking on star “transfer students” each week and engaging in witty humor and slapstick battles.

Gannibal – New episode

Police officer Daigo Agawa is posted to a mountain village where a series of alarming events make him realize that there is something deeply wrong with the village and the people who live there.

Friday 13 January 2023

Criminal Minds: Evolution – New Episode

In “Criminal Minds: Evolution,” the FBI’s elite team of criminal profilers face their biggest threat yet, an UnSub who has used the pandemic to build a network of other serial killers. As the world opens up again and the network goes live, the team must hunt them down, one kill at a time. Actors from the original series reprising their roles include Joe Mantegna, AJ Cook, Kirsten Vangsness, Aisha Tyler, Adam Rodriguez and Paget Brewster. Zach Gilford joins the dynamic cast as a recurring guest star in a season-long arc.

“Criminal Minds: Evolution” will continue and expand the beloved franchise for streaming audiences, mixing serialized elements into the show’s format. This season continues the “Criminal Minds” series, the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, the best of the best who profiled the worst of the worst.

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Avatar: The Deep Dive – A special edition of 20/20

An inside look at one of the most anticipated movie sequels ever with James Cameron and cast.

The territory

When a network of Brazilian farmers seizes a protected area in the Amazon rainforest, a young indigenous leader and his mentor must fight back to defend the land and an uncontacted group living deep in the forest.

The flag makers

Follows workers at the nation’s largest manufacturer of American flags and flagpoles; the refugees and immigrants who have risked everything to come to the United States


Tells the story of the final months of the 20-year war in Afghanistan through the intimate relationship between American Green Berets and the Afghan officers they trained.

Saturday 14 January 2023

Tokyo Revengers S2 – New episode

Takemichi Hanagaki is at a low point in his life, living off part-time jobs, when he learns that his high school sweetheart, Hinata Tachibana, has been killed by the vicious Tokyo Manji gang. After going to the best times of his life, middle school, Takemichi decides to change, stop running away from things and save his girlfriend. Then the revenge for his life begins!

What are you looking forward to watching on Disney+ this week?

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